On June 7th you may have heard the sound of the Meeting House bell ring throughout the hill, and perhaps beyond.  The annual history tour for third graders at Effingham Elementary School wound up with each student having the chance to ring the bell.  Eric Potter and Erik Jones once again led students through the many stations of historic Effingham.

It was perhaps also a chance for the rest of us in earshot to ponder a time when the peal of a bell carried information to the neighborhood.   Whether confirming the start of a known event or announcing urgent news, our Paul Revere bell has served to connect inhabitants of the village to its ongoing story.

We are beset by tones and beeps of all sorts these days.   They are all contrived to serve a need, but they are so ubiquitous and impersonal that we are numbed in contrast to the unique and richly compelling sound (and feel) of a bell resonating obediently with the message of the human tethered to its grasp below.

Thanks to all members, bakers, helpers, and yard sale participants for helping to produce our successful day on May 26th.

Our group relies on the faithful commitment and participation of many in the Lord’s Hill and Effingham communities.

Thanks in part to this stable base of support we have been able to contract the painting of the steeple.   More details to follow.

We are currently working with our generous partners at the local greenhouse to put together a list of hanging baskets, geraniums, and herbs to stock our very popular Annual Plant Sale. Once finalized, the order form will be available here on the website, and will be distributed to our members and friends. If you would like to be sent a form, please email us at: info@lordshillmeetinghouse.org, and we will send one to you as soon as it is ready.

This year the sale is Saturday, May 26th from 9AM-1PM. There will be a few items available for sale at the time, but the majority will be pre-sale orders. Don’t miss out by forgetting to order!

Thank you for your interest in and support of our community treasure, as we work towards painting of our steeple in the coming season.  If you are able to bake something for the bake sale also held at the time, we appreciate all donations.  Please plan to join us for coffee and baked goods.

The Lord’s Hill Meeting House is currently seeking bids for Painting of our steeple and belfry.  Please review the Bid Document for details.  We look forward to beginning planning and work on this important project.

Click here to download Bid Document

Join us August 27, from 9-2 at the Effingham Preservation Society for the 200th anniversary celebration of the old Grange Building.  Games, food, fun.

  • We are excited to be bringing a new dimension to our Meeting House as we launch an online presence to help preserve this wonderful space and share its beauty and history with those in our immediate community and beyond!